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rubber dipped hangers

April 18, 2016

DIY rubber dipped hangers on

When spring cleaning rolls around the first part of the house I attack is the closet — think clothes and shoes flying like a movie montage. When everything’s donated and my closet gets put back together, I’m always a little let down at how similar it looks to the before, and in a matter of weeks my clothes have bunched together and slipped off the hangers again.

So this year, I came up with a fun solution to brighten things and stay organized all year round. This is super easy and works on almost any type of hanger, perfect for adding a no-slip feature and pop of color to the hanger’s you’ve already got in your closet!

DIY rubber dipped hangers on

This project is great because it doesn’t require many tools or materials. Just make sure that you open a window before you begin, as the other gals in our studio can attest, liquid rubber smells just as nice as you might think.

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