Monthly Archives: June 2016

slug proof galvanized planter

June 24, 2016


So I’ll admit, I don’t have the greenest of thumbs, and many innocent plants have met their end in my little garden. But the last thing I need are slugs doing that for me! So to keep the few remaining basil plants I have safe from greedy snails, I used slug-proof copper tape to make a super-cute planter. Head over to Jojotastic for the full tutorial.

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after sun tonic

June 18, 2016


Summer is hard on my skin. It seems like no mater how much try, I always get at least one really bad sunburn, and this year was no exception. So I combined all of my favorite sun-burn home remedies into one, ultimate lotion. For the full tutorial, head over to Jojotastic and whip some up for yourself.

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modern floral hair comb

June 14, 2016

material delight hair comb 05

Never underestimate the power of wearing flowers in your hair. Slipping a freshly picked bloom into your do drastically changes your day and lift any mood. My personal style veers less towards girly and floral, so I did a modern take on this traditional summer hair accessory and added Tillandsia and Succulents to the mix. Check out the full tutorial over on Design Sponge!

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