Monthly Archives: October 2016

natural fall bath bombs

October 20, 2016

Bath bombs are so fun and make a great gift! Instead of soaking in artificial coloring and glitters I created an all natural DIY version with a sparkling orange color from Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt, just in time for the holidays.

looooooove bath bombs! But they’re too spendy to do all the time for a girl on a budget (ahem, me all day, every day). So instead of buying some artificially colored bath bomb from the mall, I decided to make my own, all-natural version with the scents I love. They have a sparkling orange color form the Alaea Sea Salt, tinted from the Hawaiian clay it’s derived from and a heavenly aroma of spruce, lavandin and orange.

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easy halloween stenciled doormat

October 14, 2016

Create an easy stenciled doormat for halloween with this super simple DIY!

I’m so excited for halloween! Now that I’ve finally dealt with that fact that it’s really fall, I’m ready to start getting into the festive spirit and begin decorating. As much as I love this spooky holiday, I’m just not the type to put tombstones out front, so instead, I did a quick little doormat DIY with a a cheeky statement that celebrates everyone’s halloween sweet tooth in a more adult kind of way.

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woodburned patterned spoons

October 11, 2016

Woodburning is so fun and easy! Give it a try with this intro-level DIY of woodburned patterned spoons.

If you’ve never tried wodburning before, this is the perfect project to get you started! It’s such a fun and easy way to add a handmade touch to a set of wooden spoons or salad tong. Perfect for a quick hostess gift or present at the holiday season.

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